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Our legal services

Georgopoulos - Mavrochi & Partners is a boutique Law Firm where our lawyers are highly specialized, have valuable experience in their respective fields and undertake constant training in order to stay at the cutting edge of the legal developments and expertise.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Our Litigation and dispute resolution Department is specialized in conflict and dispute resolution before arbitration courts and tribunals in all jurisdictions. In an era of globalization, in which major legal disputes often cross national borders, our office handles each case of our clients with effectiveness, which expands in our team, our strategy, and the overall approach. Our team has the intellectual depth, creativity and geographic reach to successfully resolve virtually any type of legal dispute. Everything is tailored to achieve the best results in the most well-organized way possible.

Our litigation lawyers are sensitive to each client’s individual concerns in various trades and sectors. They handle complex matters for multinationals, financial institutions, institutional investors, and national and international governmental organizations


Whether you represent a shipping company with commercial vessels such as cargo ships, cruises or tankers or an individual ship owner of a pleasure vessel such as a yacht, sailboat or catamaran. We have the ability and expertise to service your needs, with significant experience in different jurisdictions and teams which work together seamlessly across time zones. We have a great range of experience dealing with worldwide clients, we can offer advises on all aspects of the acquisition, disposal, financing and operation of ships, superyachts, offshore equipment and other documents required by the Maritime Authorities.

From shipyard to scrapyard, from factory to receiver, from finance to flotation, we provide the legal services required by the maritime and international trade industries.



More than 30 considerable clients trust us to handle their cases